andeye conferences




better online conferences

andeye carbon-free conferences are professionally produced & tailored for the best possible participant experience.


All andeye conferences are run through a live-production studio. This results in TV quality conference programming, as we are able to:

  • combine presenters’ presentations and video feeds so you can see both the presenters’ expressions & their visual aids full-size
  • cut immediately from presenter to presenter and into video segments
  • bring two or more presenters on-screen at once for more engaging discussions
  • do pretty much anything else you have seen on live TV

While we are able to take in video streams using the presenter’s webcam, we can also integrate with & provide professional videography and sound equipment in order to deliver much higher quality video and audio.


Our central studios have layers of redundancy and contingency to ensure that the video feed never goes down.

We also have a range of options to ensure continuity should a presenter’s home internet, power or health fail.


We all know conferences aren’t just about the presentations, the main value is often in the networking.

Nothing quite beats coming together to network at a conference – but we’re working on it…

It can actually be quite difficult to meet the right people at large traditional conferences, you tend to just speak with the people you bump into.

We’re developing a system that will put you in closest proximity with the people you are most likely to want to network with.

What our Clients have to say

Hear what Piers Clark, chairman of the Isle Group, has to say about andeye’s impact on their Water Action Platform: